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4 Fun Ways To Get A New Perspective On Your Investments

Try out these fun ways to get a new perspective on your investments, and live a little too while you’re at it…

Sometimes burying your head in the numbers too long doesn’t help achieve those breakthroughs or lead to the insights you really need to leap toward your goals. Often those “a-ha” moments come when you are doing something else. So, give yourself a pass to enjoy life a little more this month, and you might just find more of the answers you are looking for at the same…


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Real Estate Investors: Essential Tips For Navigating Hurricanes

What essential steps should real estate investors make to navigate hurricanes and major storms?

Hurricane Harvey and the several following major storms have been a big wake up call to real estate investors to have a plan for weather and natural disasters like these. Here are some of the most important moves you can make to minimize risk and maintain great performance from your property portfolio.


Diversification is critical. It is far better to…


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How To Storm Proof Your Investment Portfolio

How can investors stormproof their portfolios?

The recent record breaking bout of hurricanes and the cost of the damage they have brought certainly have many investors wondering how they can recover financially, and defend their portfolios from loss in the future.

No one can 110% insulate one single investment from every potential risk, all of the time. Yet, you can protect your portfolio performance, and overall results with the right solutions and strategies.



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The Equifax Hack And The New Investment Landscape

Credit bureau Equifax has just been hit with what could be the biggest data breach in history. How will it change the investment landscape? And what does that mean to us as investors?

The Equifax hack may not only prove to be far more widespread than first announced by the credit bureau, but is likely to force many to seek out new investment strategies.

Equifax finally revealed that around 50% of Americans had their personal information stolen through their firm’s database…


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Navigating Hurricanes For Mortgage Note Investors

How can mortgage note investors best navigate major storms and hurricanes?

This is a great time to be a note investor. Yet, situations like the major hurricanes we are dealing with now can call for extra preparedness. What can you do to be ready and best deal with any storms that hit areas you have assets in?

Lines of Communication

One of the most critical factors for note investors to get a handle on in the face of big storms is lines of communication.…


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Real Estate Investing In 2017: Tale of Two Markets

Looking for new real estate investments this year? Make sure you understand the dual markets we are juggling.

This is both a great and tougher year for investing in real estate and related assets. It all depends on how much you know about what’s really going on in the market, and how well connected you are. Here’s what you need to know…

The Public Property & Mortgage Market

As a consumer or newer individual investor the public view of the current real…


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The Second Most Valuable Skill In Real Estate Today

There is one essential skill that many real estate investors and companies are lacking today. What is it? How can you get more of it?

Being good at analyzing the data and making good investment decisions is arguably the first and most valuable skill in real estate today. That applies whether you are buying a house to live in for yourself and your family, if you are looking for flip deals or rental properties, or are investing in mortgage loan notes. However, this has become much…


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How Tough Should We Be On Renters?

Having tenants poses a challenge for real estate investors, as we often question ourselves - Just how tough should we be on them??

We are regularly left wondering - when do we deny them or cut them a break? How do we balance occupancy with risk? What about our responsibilities to the community, and the future impact on our businesses and investments down the road?

The BP Effect

There is a lot of debate over the criteria landlords should use in screening…


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Key Types Of Insurances We All Need

We recently brought in Gerald Lucas as a part of our executive team. He has been an incredible asset. However, it also meant that it was intelligent to add new key person insurance to our business. Why does this matter? What other types of key insurances should we all have?

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is a type of insurance which protects against the loss of a ‘key’ or vital person. When a lot is riding on one person, it can be smart to have them…


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Future Proof Your Investment Portfolio With A Hybrid Strategy

Is your investment portfolio future proof?

If you haven’t future-proofed your investment portfolio yet, then a hybrid strategy may be the key to securing your finances.

New Highs, Time to Make the Switch

It’s is great to see Dow Jones up to a new 22,000 record high, as well so many investors trying out note investing and flipping houses. It’s great to see them enjoying what they are doing, and learning to get the hang of it.

However, what I’ve found…


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America Drops 3 Places In Global Retirement Index

The 2017 Global Retirement Index shows America falling again. What does it mean for individual investors?

New data shows America declining on the world stage when it comes to quality of life in retirement. We’re now almost in the bottom half of countries ranked by the index. Why the decline? What essential financial moves should individuals be making now?

New Rankings Released

According to the …


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Amazon’s Big Real Estate Play

While it may be famous for online shopping, one of Amazon’s biggest plays is actually in real estate.

Don’t confuse this digital giant with online being a company in the cloud. Amazon is a major real estate mogul, and it is growing its physical footprint. What lessons can all investors take away from this?

Whole Foods

Amazon’s big acquisition of Whole Foods was more than just a play into the grocery market. Last year …


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New Home Flipping Data

What does the latest home flipping data reveal about the housing market now?

Around $3.5B in house flips were financed in the first quarter of 2017. However, how they are being acquired and who is buying them may be changing this year.

Financing is Coming Back

Home flippers are increasingly using financing to make acquisitions instead of cash. We are now seeing the most home flips being financed since 2008. Almost $1B more than in the first quarter of 2016. Yet, this is…


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Seller Financing: What Makes A Valuable Mortgage Note?

What makes mortgage notes valuable for reselling to note investors?

Seller financing appears to be rising again. It likely will continue this trajectory until banks offer easier access to borrowing, and they can rebuild trust with those with capital, and give them a larger share of the profits. Creating seller financed notes can be a great creative solution to a variety of real estate scenarios. It can be a highly profitable choice for many sellers and investors. Though while it can…


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Fed Says No Financial Crisis Coming In Our Lifetimes

Fed Chair Janet Yellen says there is no financial crisis to worry about in our lifetimes. Why is she so confident? Do we believe it?

In late June 2017, the Federal Reserve Chairwoman spoke out from a London event, declaring it is unlikely we will see another financial crisis in our lifetimes. Her adamant bullishness on the…


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What Airbnb Means For Mortgage Note Investors

Airbnb is surging as a trend and amateur investment strategy. What are the pros and cons of this for mortgage note investors?

Airbnb is the short-term rental platform which enables property owners and even tenants to lease and sublease their units to business, vacation, and location independent travelers. Much of the controversy over the legality of Airbnb rentals has quietened down, just like in the…


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The Mortgage Note Landscape In 2017

What does the mortgage note landscape look like in 2017?

What trends are emerging in the mortgage note marketplace this year? How have deals changed? Where are the opportunities for note investors now? What could shake things up over the next few months?

Performing First Mortgage Liens

The re-performing first mortgage market is one of the strongest in this sector. Tens of billions of dollars in UPB (Unpaid Principal Balance) are being traded annually - most of which…


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5 Note Investment Strategies To Consider This Summer

This summer offers a flurry of note investment opportunities. What strategies will you add to your portfolio to keep things sizzling this season?

Summer is peak season in the real estate and mortgage industry. That presents many new opportunities to investors who want to restructure, secure their positions, and heat up their returns. Consider these five strategies to get more of what you want from your investments…

1. Diversify

Maybe you have just been getting going with…


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How To Maximize Investing For Retirement

Check out these tools for fast tracking your retirement investing, and kicking taxes to the curb…

Individual investors have many legal tools at their disposal. These tools and investment vehicles can be used to reduce taxes, speed up wealth building, boost passive income generation, and reduce risk. Yet, many are not using them, at least not to their full advantage. Don’t let another month go by without seeing how these can do wonders for your financial goals.

1. Solo(k)…


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How To Handle Acquiring Properties With Tenants

What’s the best way to handle property acquisitions where you may be inheriting tenants?

Is buying properties with existing tenants smart? If so, how can real estate investors navigate this minefield? What due diligence and evaluation should investors do before they close the deal?

The Issues & Advantages of Buying Properties with Tenants

Some investors focus on searching for properties with existing tenants. It can give them confidence that the property is desirable…


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