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How To Maximize Investing For Retirement

Check out these tools for fast tracking your retirement investing, and kicking taxes to the curb…

Individual investors have many legal tools at their disposal. These tools and investment vehicles can be used to reduce taxes, speed up wealth building, boost passive income generation, and reduce risk. Yet, many are not using them, at least not to their full advantage. Don’t let another month go by without seeing how these can do wonders for your financial goals.

1. Solo(k) Plans

You may now have heard of self-directed IRAs, but few know about the additional advantages a Solo k can offer. These self-directed retirement investing accounts can help you contribute almost 10x as much to tax protected investments. They are also highly flexible and can provide a level of liquidity that other plans don’t offer. Check them out, and consider a roll over if it is a good match.

2. Spousal IRAs

Even if your spouse isn’t working, you can contribute to an IRA on their behalf each year. This can be a self-directed traditional IRA, or a Roth, for tax deferred or tax-free gains for life. This can double your investment capital in well protected assets.

3. ESAs

Educational Savings Accounts are often overlooked due to their smaller annual contribution limits. Yet, if you have multiple children, or use this to partner with your other funds you can gain traction in better investment opportunities, faster.

4. HSAs

Health Savings Accounts give individuals the ability to invest for themselves while building up a reserve to cover high deductibles for health insurance and medical emergencies. These accounts can also be directed to preferred investments in real estate and debt investments.

5. 1031 Exchanges

Real estate markets are changing fast. Some are heading down, while others are heading up. 1031 exchanges are ideal for restructuring portfolios to optimize growth and preserve wealth, without taking a tax hit for capital gains.

6. Challenge Property Tax Bills

On average, almost 50% of property tax bills in some areas are over-inflated each year. Most property owners simply just pay them. Which is why the system is never fixed. Yet, you do have the right to appeal your tax bill. Doing so can save thousands of dollars each year. This applies to your personal residence, second home, vacation property, and investment properties. That’s a lot of extra money which could be invested each year.

7. Non-Recourse Loans

All of the above can be paired with non-recourse financing to leverage capital and acquire better assets, lower risk, expand diversification, and increase cash flow - all without having to take a hit to your credit or provide any personal guarantees.


Above are at least seven ways that individuals can enhance their investment performance and returns, while reducing risk, and bolster finances now, and for the duration of retirement. Make sure you are using them!

Investment Opportunities

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