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Real Estate Data: How To Keep Yours Safe

As a real estate investor or business owner, keeping your data safe is incredibly important. How do you do it?

Whether investing in notes or properties for yourself, or operating an investment firm, you’ve got to protect your data, that of your clients and borrowers, and make sure it is organized and accessible. Failing to do so can mean losing precious information that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the trust people have in you. What tools and best practices can you use to stay smart in this area?

Backing Up the Data

Individuals still rarely back up their personal data on their home computers or laptops, until it’s too late and they learn the hard way. That’s something you simply cannot afford as an investor or CEO. To be safe, it is best to have multiple backups online, just in case you lose access to one database, or it goes down. Having offline digital copies, such as on a removable external drive, can also help ensure the integrity and safety of your data no matter what happens. You may even choose to host your data on different international servers so that if an earthquake in California wipes out one, you can still have a copy safely backed up on a server in Switzerland.

Online Data Storage

We’re accumulating bigger data than ever. You can now fill up your email account and hit maximum storage provided by free services pretty easily. You don’t want to get to the point where you have to rapidly and rashly delete masses of data to make room for the new stuff. Fortunately, you can mix it up between services, or purchases premium data plans.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Office and Onedrive
  • Cloud based project management tools like Freedcamp

You can also avoid blowing out your inbox with large files and tapes by using Google Drive and WeTransfer to send them.


When you do any sizable volume of real estate and investing business you are going to need a team. They are going to need access to the data too. Be sure everyone if creating strong passwords. Or generate them for your team. Be sure to change login credentials quickly if key staff leaves the organization.


If you really want to be safe, in business and personally, you may also want to upgrade your phone and phone service to military grade encryption that allows you to send files securely and free from hacking threats. 

Investment Opportunities

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