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I remember hearing a story in my youth about two burly lumberjacks that had bragged they were the fastest tree fallers in the state. After all, living in the Pacific Northwest we heard lots of lumberjack stories. Both were large, strong men and knew their way around an axe and timber country. Wanting to settle the debate, they were challenged to compete and settle the question. The time was set, the large fir trees were chosen, identical in every way. Both men showed up, and to make it fair, were provided identical axes. The whistle blew and they were off. The first large man went straight to the tree and started flailing with everything he had. The second man went over to a nearby stump, sat down, and started sharpening the head of the axe. He spent a good hour sharpening the head of the axe while the other man continued to whack away, stopping only to wipe his brow and take a drink of cool water. Eventually the second man, the one that took an hour just sharpening the blade, finally stepped up to his designated tree and methodically started chopping. His axe dug deep into that fir tree, and before long he had toppled that tree, way before the other guy. The moral of this story is that every once in a while, you need to stop and sharpen your blade.

I just spent the last 4 days sharpening my axe. (Well, not so much on Thursday. I was at my job.) This past four days I was a camper at NoteCAMP 5.0. Over 500 folks from across the country participated in what could be the largest online note conference in the country. I was able to garner some new ideas, best practices and network with other campers during the conference. In addition, I was honored to be a presenter at the conference. On Saturday at noon PDT, I presented about an hour and a half about my approach to my business. If you would like to view my presentation, you can find it at this link:

Link to My Presentation

Apparently, I'm doing things right, as I had many people reach out to me after my presentation to thank me for my information. While I am not trying to brag, I do receive the accolades as confirmation I am approaching the business in the right way. 

  • Looking for investment quality note assets
  • Working to keep borrowers in their homes
  • Providing great returns to my investors
These are the three things foremost as I approach every asset for consideration. My entire business model is made up of systems and processes, being refined continually. That is why participating in an event like NoteCAMP is so essential. 

Coming this weekend, I am again participating in some axe sharpening as I travel to Cape Coral, Florida for a Note Mastermind event. Over 50 like-minded note investors will be set apart for 3 days of training, networking and looking at assets. This will be my third time I've participated in this Mastermind, and every time I come away changed, improved, sharpened, and with a fistful of new assets to research. This will be good, and you can be the beneficiary.

Before we leave in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I've still got some other note work to complete. A few bills to pay, follow up on 3 bids I submitted last week, and a couple of new tapes to start my due diligence. Understand this: my sense of urgency is renewed.

Thanks for reading. Opportunity awaits. The returns are imminent. Plus, I have some wood chips to sweep up. Oh, and should you like to hear more about passively investing in promissory notes secured by real estate assets, let's find a log to sit on and chat.
Cody Cox

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